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Hydrovac Excavations And Locations

A bigger version of your house hold vacuum, with the help of a high pressure hose squirting at 3000 psi, it will blast a straight hole or trench through any type of soil, with the vacuum sucking up any soil or debris in its path. All materials sucked up are then stored in an 800 gallon tank.



Commonly used for locations of all services, including Optic Fiber, without ANY damage to services. Also used to trench around HV mains & kiosks. A Hydrovac system can also be used to get under foot paths or clear blockages in any pipe. It can also suck string down a pipe for hauling purposes, digging post holes and many other things.

With the use of a digital signal generating locater, we can locate nearly any service that you may need us to. We also have a ground penetrating radar that can locate concrete or asbestos mains, or services with broken or missing trace wires.

Ballarat Underroad Boring

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